English lab for toddlers and kindergarten

Childhood is the golden time for learning. The mind is open, quick and flexible at the most, ready to store a big amount of information and logical connections. That’s why we immediately propose children the sounds of the English language. It’s an excellent way to experience an indispensable tool for everybody’s future. The goal is to stimulate their curiosity and make them ready to learn the first rudiments of the language.

How to learn English before going to school

The best way to learn English is getting used to its sounds and structures from the very beginning of childhood. The language, still unknown to children, is associated to socialisation and play. In this way it’s easy for them to acquire new notions. Everything happens gradually, following the natural attitude of children. The programme develops as the child shows the desire to engage and play with the peers.

English for children aged 2 and 3

Teaching English to little children (2-3YO) occurs through the gradual introduction of the use of the new language. The underlying idea is to have a natural context to make children familiarise with the language, as for the Italian language. Thus the new language is introduced in the routinary moments of the day which are short in length – for instance, the mothertongue teacher checks the roll in English or proposes Anglosaxon expressions while having lunch or the morning snack.

English for 4-5 year-old children

At the age of 4 and 5 children develop more complex motor and representational skills. Their curiosity gets fervid, just as the desire to stay with their peers. They’re naturally inclined to learn and consolidate relations. Teaching English at the last years of the kindergarten is therefore associated with the new interests shown at this stage of growth and so the activities proposed can be more structured: games stimulating dramatisation, telling, manual and representational creativity and inclination to music.



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