For the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school.

Education and training are the foundations of a good school, everything that a parent expects to find in the structure in which their child will be enrolled.

Rigola offers this and much more. School services such as pre- and post-school, canteen, bus, and many extracurricular labs which get the child and the tween to be busy at school even when the lessons are over. To learn and grow having fun!


To help working parents children can arrive at school at 7:00 and stay there until 18:30.

Educational, playful and recreational activities are organised for the children of the pre- and post-school to rouse their curiosity and activate their thought from the first hours of the morning and to keep dynamic, clear headed and proactive even in the late afternoon.


Rigola’s canteen is a service directly managed by the qualified school personnel: every day healthy and tasty lunches are prepared for our children within the school. Nutrition is an essential element in every individual’s growth and this is why we pay great attention to the menu definition and food preparation in order to grant the right supply of calories and nutritional substances for children and kids. The dishes are obviously elaborated according to the guidelines provided by the local ASL and the staff is qualified through a programme about nutritional education.

In order to become aware of healthy, balanced and varied nutrition we promote once a month the festive menu – a wonderful chance to discover new recipes!


Rigola offers children and kids a schoolbus service for Besana and the nearby towns: Triuggio, Montesiro, Casatenovo, Monticello, Renate/Cassago, Veduggio/Capriano, Visconta, Valle Guidino.

Every year the school evaluates the requests and studies itineraries which can offer an effective service, following the rules related to mobility and carriage of minors.

The parents can contact the secretariat to show interest, then they can arrange a meeting with the school director to learn about the institute, the educational offer and the services, customise the pathways discussed upon and visit the school. At the end of the meeting the parent will formalise the commitment to enrol the child, boy or girl in the structure.

Dote Scuola is the financial contribution foreseen by Regione Lombardia to support the families and the educational path of children from 3 to 21 years for merit, school voucher, purchasing material, supporting disabled students.

Dote Scuola funds are destined to students residing in Lombardy and attending public bodies or schools recognised by the state. The contribution supports families in the free choice to orient their children to a non-public school.

Every year Regione Lombardia approves the contributions. Detailed information are to be found on

7,30 – 8,30  pre-class activities
8,30 – 9,00 reception
9,00 – 9,30 beginning of the activities | roll out and snack
9,30 – 11,30 didactic activities
11,30 – 12,30 lunch
12,30 – 13,30 play
13,00 – 13,15 first leaving
13,30 – 15,45 nap time and organised activities
15,45 – 16,00 children’s leaving
16.00 – 18,00 post-class activities


7,00 – 8,00  pre-class activities
8,15 – 8,30   reception
8,30 – 12,30 didactic activities
12,30 – 13,00 lunch
13,00 – 13,30 break
13,30 – 15,30 didactic activities
15,30 – 16,00 leaving
16,00 – 18,00 post-class activities
From Monday to Friday
7.00 – 7.55 pre-class activities
7.55 – 8.00 entrance
8.00 – 9.00 first hour
9.00 – 9.55 second hour
9.55 – 10.05 break
10.05 – 11.00 third hour
11.00 – 11.55 fourth hour
11.55 – 12.05 break
12.05 – 13.00 fifth hour
13.00 – 14.00 sixth hour
14.00 – 18.30 post-class activities (canteen – break – post-school – courses)


Toddlers’ section and Kindergarten

For the little ones post-class classes are a way to socialise, a space dedicated to free play or guided by qualified educators and teachers. A community experience to learn how to grow together.

From Monday to Friday from 4 to 6 pm

Primary school

For younger children post-school is time dedicated to assisted study and play, guided by qualified teachers and educators. A community experience to learn how to relate to each other and grow together.

For the older ones it’s time dedicated to assisted study – qualified teachers help children do their homework so that they can get organised, become independent and build an efficient study method. A community experience to learn how to get acquainted, relate to each other and grow together.

From Monday to Friday from 4 to 6 pm

Secondary school

Post-class activities for the secondary school kids are a chance to study, confront themselves and deepening.

Kids are assisted in doing their homework by qualified teachers to build an effective study method and grow in autonomy and awareness. A community experience to learn how to get acquainted, appreciate how beautiful it is to be all different, confront themselves and grow together.

From Monday to Friday from 3 to 5 pm


The didactic activities offered by Rigola.


Where education and knowledge take shape.


Rigola, today a comprehensive institute recognised by the Italian state and composed of a Toddlers’ section, Kindergarten, Primary school and first stage of Secondary school, looks back on a long and fascinating history.

In 1885 don Carlo San Martino founded in Milan the Pio Istituto pei Figli della Provvidenza, aiming at building a serene and welcoming environment for young people in difficulty.


The location, whose original body dates back to the 17th century, is surrounded by an exquisite Italian-style garden and disposes of ample external and indoor spaces: courtyards for outdoor play, salons for breaks, dining rooms, a theatre, a gym, reading halls, multimedial classrooms, science, art and language labs and a chapel. In the park we can find the old oratory of Madonna della Neve.