Music therapy lab

The music therapy lab proposed, led by a music therapist, foresees a weekly class during lesson time, in the morning. It is based on an approach to the experience of sounds and music. To this end, Orff toolkit is mainly used: percussions and small melodic instruments (xylophones, shaker eggs, drums and tambourines, bells etc.) are ideal for this kind of approach, as they allow children a complete exploration as far as timbre and dynamic are concerned (sweet, acute, deep, loud, weak sounds) but also senses (leather, wood, metal, plastic). The aim is to let children experience the blend of sound, music and the visual, perceptive channel. Through drama and drawing music is listened to and drawn, turned into stories to tell and dance so as to create a communication involving all perceptive areas, developing them harmonically and creating a wealth of experience which the child will keep even outside the music class. Through guided play the group will live moments of listening, relaxation and activation aimed at promoting the child’s proprioception, the ability to adapt to change, self-awareness and creativity, just as the strengthening of empathic relations in the respect of the other, in a constructive, harmonic, effective dialogue.



SCHOOL Toddlers, Kindergarten
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