English laboratory

Rigola stresses on learning the English language with mothertongue teachers, to enable children and kids to ‘prepare their minds’ for new linguistic sounds, different cultures, improve communication not only within the school but also in the social context they live in.

The Institute promotes several activities beyond the hours foreseen by the educational plan – all aimed at enhancing the knowledge and competences and learn by having fun.

English with bilingual/mothertongue teachers: from the very beginning of the primary school teachers throw children into listening and identifying pictures-words in English. Children are stimulated to interaction – with the teacher first, then with their peers. The main goal is making listening and use of the foreign language as natural as possible.

Arts in English language: drawing and imagery are an alternative creative tool to learn and understand the English language.

Enhancement of motor skills in English language: P.E. is essential at the primary school, as it promotes the knowledge of self, of one’s body and of the surrounding environment and it allows to communicate and establish relationships with the others through multiple sports practices. Thus discipline can mediate verbal communication with gestures and is suitable to the use of CLIL methodology – Content and Language Integrated Learning. The disciplinary contents of P.E. are analysed and faced through the use of the English language: the communicative approach is playful and stimulates students to learning, improves logic-mathematical skills and mental agility.

Preparation to the Cambridge certifications Movers, Flyers, KET (Key English Test) and PET (Preliminary English Test): as a continuation of the study pathway, Rigola offers the pupils of the primary school the chance to achieve Movers and Flyers certifications.

Secondary school students are offered a course leading them to KET certification at the end of the second year and, for students who are linguistically gifted, PET (Preliminary English Test) certification – respectively corresponding to the A2 and B1 level of English within the CEFR.

The preparation is carried out in cooperation with Fluency Elite.



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