Artistic lab

The arts lab has the objective of being a binding force for all school activities: it offers the student the chance to learn and experiment different ways to communicate – from the most traditional to the most innovative and, sometimes, transgressive ones. It favours the development of all students’ expressive skills, involving them in activities where they can live art and develop creativity in order to become aware of their own manual and artistic abilities.

The arts lab conceived for the secondary school provides for an encounter of arts and music, so that the students’ artistic-expressive skills can be developed: music and arts together, then, to make students familiarise with the expression of their emotions and develop the different expressive techniques.

Last but not least, arts teachers also cooperate with class teachers to translate into pictures the tales and fables told to kindergarten children.

Throughout the lab students realise the set designs for the end-of-year show and have sessions of en plein air painting in the school park.



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